In the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2021, awards have been given to those who are particularly deserving of the growth of the reputation and visibility of Slovenia as an excellent tourist destination, and their contribution to the development and promotion of tourism.

Our agency Green Adventure was also present at the spectacular event, which unfolded in the beautiful surroundings of the Postojna Cave Park. Among the proud recipients of the highest awards in tourism, the tourist product of the year, Fish & Fly TRIO, was selected as “Sejalec 2021” by the Slovenian Tourist Board.

FISH & FLY TRIO has also been one of the products that support the story of green boutique Slovenia and the #IfeelSlovenia brand  and is included in the selected collection, which is marketed under the brand of quality Slovenia Unique Experience (SUE)

Comment by the expert committee on the selection of SEJALEC 2021:

“The Fish & Fly Trio product follows the principles of the boutique and highly profitable segment of fishing tourism. It is a unique experience of fly fishing, which takes place on three Slovenian rivers (Kolpa, Krka and Soča) according to the ‘catch and release’ principle and the catch of three different fish species (grayling, brown and marble trout). It connects fishing guides, accommodation and gastronomy providers of three destinations, while dispersing tourist flows from more besieged alpine to less exploited karst rivers. The product with great market potential stands out since it offers the experience of three different fishing destinations. In addition, the guest is transported by helicopter between individual locations and sleeps and tastes the local delicacies of three different destinations.”



sejalec 2021




Sejalec 2021