Green Adventure received the Slovenia Green certificate

By joining the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism and receiving the Slovenia Green certificate, the Novo mesto Green Adventure Tourist agency joins the very top of Slovenian tourist agencies that strive for green measures and development in the field of tourism. At the Green Adventure agency, we will continue to promote the development of sustainable tourism by offering active green experiences and thereby, together with guides, business partners and guests, have a positive impact on the natural environment, the local community and the economy.

Zelena shema slovenskega turizma

At Green Adventure, we have been designing and marketing our own high-quality active guided experiences in connection with natural beauty, the local environment, cuisine and hospitality since our foundation. Experiences we offer – Green River Kayaking, Fly-fishing Paradise, Vineyard eBiking, and many others – are intended for all nature lovers, guests do not need prior knowledge or equipment, as experienced guides take care of every detail. We carry out activities in small groups and thus offer boutique tourism with a high degree of personal approach to each guest.

Zelena shema slovenskega turizma

What is The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism?

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) is a tool developed at the national level and a certification programme that carries out the following tasks under the SLOVENIA GREEN umbrella brand:

  • brings together all efforts directed towards the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia,
  • offers tools to destinations and service providers that enable them to evaluate and improve their sustainability endeavours
  • and promotes these green endeavours through the Slovenia Green brand.


The Green Adventure agency is the owner of many awards in Slovenia – the Snovalec 2020 (for the best tourist idea), Sejalec 2021 (for the best tourist product), and international awards as well – Big See Tourism Design Award Winner 2022 and Travelife Partner (for which it is mandatory to have more than 100 sustainability criteria). Our multiple award-winning product Fish & Fly Trio is included in the prestigious quality collection under the Slovenia Unique Experiences brand. To all the awarded titles, the Green Adventure agency adds the Slovenia Green certificate, which represents the highlight of ours efforts for responsible behavior and the development of sustainable tourism.