After arriving and spending the night at the Hotel Center Novo mesto, Marina Gibson and members of the Fly fishing nation team spent the day getting to know the new country and planning activities during the time they will spend in Slovenia. After a rich hotel breakfast, they took a short walk through the center of Novo mesto, and then went on a trip to the source of the river Krka. Accompanied by Saša, our fishing guide, they took a good look at the most interesting places for fishing in the upper part of the Krka river. This was followed by a move to the Vovko Inn in Ratež, which will be the home of our guests for the next three days.


Tomorrow, Marina and the Fly fishing nation team will have their first “working” day and the first challenge in the Fish & Fly TRIO product – catching grayling in the Kolpa River.

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Marina Gibson is a truly passionate angler, a certified ‘Fly Fishers International’ (CI) Instructor and 1st4sport Level 2 coach, who followed the footsteps of her mother Joanna Gibson, also a devoted fly fisher, and dedicated a significant part of her life to the pursuit of every type of fish at every available opportunity wherever in the world that may be. Marina is also a freelance writer and social media influencer, a true fly fishing ambassador. Last year she launched The Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire where she and her team teach all ages and abilities the art and technique of fly fishing and connect as many people as possible to the great outdoors.

Impressed by Slovenia and its pristine nature and rivers Marina Gibson will visit this country once again on September 7, accompanied by the Fly Fishing Nation, the leading content creation and expedition scouting group in the world of fly fishing. As  a part of the tourist product Green Adventure Fish & Fly Trio, she will visit some of the best Slovenian fishing destinations. Green Adventure Fish & Fly Trio is a premuim tourist product, awarded by Slovenian Tourist Organization. It offers a top fly-fishing experience at 3 different fishing destinations, including the “hidden gems” of Slovenia. It sets a “triple challenge”: to catch 3 indigenous fish species within 3 days; the grayling in Kolpa River, the brown trout in Krka River and the marble trout in Soča River. The product is unique of its kind in Slovenia and is carried out throughout the entire year – even in the winter, when the fishermen will try to outwit the danube salmon (hucho hucho) – the king of Slovenian waters. It also includes the superb local culinary experiences from 3 different hospitality providers. For the adventure to be truly first-class, and as suggested by the name of the product, the guests will also experience  a helicopter flight from one fishing destination to the other, provided by Flycom Aviation.

You can follow the course of the visit daily on the website, Facebook and Instagram profile Green_Adventure_Slovenia.


Marina Gibson

Green Adventure FISH & FLY TRIO is our premium 3 DAY FLY-FISHING experience on the pristine Slovene rivers in the heart of Europe, 2,350 € worth and, yes, we are giving it to one of you for free!! We are looking for a person that will help us promote our premium product.

FISH & FLY TRIO uniquely combines 3 days of fly-fishing for 3 indigenous fish species in 3 pristine Slovene rivers with 3 overnight stays, 3 different local culinary experiences combined with the plane flight over one of the greenest European countries – Slovenia. It is an unique and comprehensive »green« tourism product, awarded by Slovenian Tourist Board (Snovalec 2020 – The Call for the Most Innovative Tourism Ideas). It is designed for fly-fishing enthusiasts, who like to spend their leisure time in unspoiled nature with experienced guides and superb local cuisine.

It offers a fly-fishing experience at 3 different fishing destinations, takes you to the “hidden gems” of Slovenia and sets a “triple challenge”. To catch 3 indigenous fish species within 3 days; the grayling in Kolpa River, the brown trout in Krka River and the marble trout in Soča River. Guests will have experienced guides at their disposal all the time and will be provided with accommodation and superb local culinary experiences. Transportation between fishing locations will also include a flight with an airplane on the route Novo mesto – Bovec, which will enable you to enjoy the green Slovene nature also from the bird’s-eye view.  The guest who successfully overcomes the “Triple Challenge” will receive a special prize and will be listed on the »wall of fame«.

Are you a blogger, journalist, or social media influencer? Let us know, what you can do to help us promote our product worldwide. We will select one or more of the best potential promoters to enjoy the product for free! Apply on: [email protected] and let us know who you are and why you are our best promoter.

The application deadline is 24.07.2020. For further information please contact us on: [email protected]



  • Participants of the contest guarantee the truthfulness of the data and information they provided.
  •  The organizer and the selected participant will mutually agree on the date of the implementation of Fish & Fly Trio.
  • Fish & Fly Trio product is taking place in Slovenia.  All of the costs of the implementation of the product are covered by the organizer, except for the arrival of the selected participant to Slovenia, which is organized by the selected participant.
  • The selected participant allows the publication of photos and videos produced at the Fish & Fly Trio implementation for the purpose of promoting Green Adventure and the Fish & Fly Trio product.
  • The selected participant guarantees to carry out the offered promotional activities in maximum 30 days after the implementation of the Fish & Fly Trio.


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Slovenian Tourist Board is choosing most innovative tourism ideas. We are pleased to announce that our FISH & FLY TRIO, a new premium product of Green Adventure, was chosen among the nine semifinalists to compete for the grand prize in April.

FISH & FLY TRIO is a unique and comprehensive »green« tourism product,  within its own brand Green Adventure. The product is aimed at a growing crowd of fly-fishing enthusiasts, who like to spend their leisure time in an unspoiled nature with experienced guides and superb local cuisine.

It offers a fly fishing  experience at 3 different fishing destinations and sets a “triple challenge”: to catch 3 indigenous fish species within 3 days; the Kolpa River (grayling), the Krka River (brown trout) and the Soča River (marble trout). Guests will have experienced guides at their disposal all the time and will be provided with accommodation and superb local culinary experiences from 3 different hospitality providers. Transportation will also include a flight with a sports airplane on the route Novo mesto – Bovec, which adds a “premium” note to the product. A guest who successfully overcomes the “Triple Challenge” will receive special prize and will be listed on the »wall of fame«.

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60% of Slovenia is still covered with forrest and as such is in the third place among European countries.  Recently it was published  ob web site  the list of the most ecologically oriented countries in the world. In this prestigious list of countries like Finland, Spain,  Portugal, Estonia, Malta, France and United Kingdom is  also Slovenia.

The Krka River (94 km) is the second longest entirely Slovenian river and the longest river in the Dolenjska region. It is among the richest rivers in Slovenia in terms of the diversity of fish species. As many as 52 species of fish live in it.

The Novo mesto fishing club carries out fisheries management of as many as 350 ha of water surface, while also providing for numerous activities in the field of conservation and protection of the natural environment. Fish breeding activities are the ones that provide the richness of fish in the Krka, as the Fishing Family invests as many as nine species of native fish, including brown trout, in fishing waters.

The fly fishing season on River Krka lasts from April to December. The life of the Krka River is rich in every aspect. The fish have a richly lined table all year long. The temperature of the water is relatively stable, so that the conditions for the life of the fish are always optimal. Flies, especially those with a dry fly, know this well.