In the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2021, awards have been given to those who are particularly deserving of the growth of the reputation and visibility of Slovenia as an excellent tourist destination, and their contribution to the development and promotion of tourism.

Our agency Green Adventure was also present at the spectacular event, which unfolded in the beautiful surroundings of the Postojna Cave Park. Among the proud recipients of the highest awards in tourism, the tourist product of the year, Fish & Fly TRIO, was selected as «Sejalec 2021» by the Slovenian Tourist Board.

FISH & FLY TRIO has also been one of the products that support the story of green boutique Slovenia and the #IfeelSlovenia brand  and is included in the selected collection, which is marketed under the brand of quality Slovenia Unique Experience (SUE)

Comment by the expert committee on the selection of SEJALEC 2021:

«The Fish & Fly Trio product follows the principles of the boutique and highly profitable segment of fishing tourism. It is a unique experience of fly fishing, which takes place on three Slovenian rivers (Kolpa, Krka and Soča) according to the ‘catch and release’ principle and the catch of three different fish species (grayling, brown and marble trout). It connects fishing guides, accommodation and gastronomy providers of three destinations, while dispersing tourist flows from more besieged alpine to less exploited karst rivers. The product with great market potential stands out since it offers the experience of three different fishing destinations. In addition, the guest is transported by helicopter between individual locations and sleeps and tastes the local delicacies of three different destinations.»



sejalec 2021



On Thursday, July 8, 2021, after the December announcement at the Days of Slovenian Tourism, by Slovenian Tourist Board awards were finally handed over to the recipients of the title Sejalec and Snovalec 2020, most innovative tourism ideas. Among the proud winners is also the Green Adventure with its product Fish & Fly TRIO.

FISH & FLY TRIO is a unique and comprehensive »green« tourism product,  within its own brand Green Adventure. The product is aimed at a growing crowd of fly-fishing enthusiasts, who like to spend their leisure time in an unspoiled nature with experienced guides and superb local cuisine.

It offers a fly fishing  experience at 3 different fishing destinations and sets a “triple challenge”: to catch 3 indigenous fish species within 3 days; the Kolpa River (grayling), the Krka River (brown trout) and the Soča River (marble trout). Guests will have experienced guides at their disposal all the time and will be provided with accommodation and superb local culinary experiences from 3 different hospitality providers. Transportation will also include a flight with a sports airplane on the route Novo mesto – Bovec, which adds a “premium” note to the product. A guest who successfully overcomes the “Triple Challenge” will receive special prize and will be listed on the »wall of fame«.

Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board

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Snovalec 2020


Snovalec 2020



We saved the best for last. In one word, we can describe the whole day as unforgettable. A wonderful morning in Dolenjska, an exciting helicopter flight over Slovenia, beautiful views on a sunny day, landing on the river Idrijca, a warm welcome at the Hotel Zlata ribica and …. again successful fishing and achieved the triple challenge Fish & Fly trio.

The marble trout also landed in the hands of Marina, Stephan and Paul for a short time, at least so much so that they proudly took a photo and then released them.

The first Fish & Fly Trio Challenge is over, guests were thrilled with the three-day experience, the hospitality, clean rivers and healthy fish. We have proven that the triple challenge is feasible, but not easy at all.

We are infinitely grateful to our guests Marina Gibson and the Fly Fishing Nation team for a wonderful experience.

Also partners in the Fish & Fly Trio project:


Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure Fish & FLy TRIO - Green AdventureFish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure

Wonderful day on the Krka river !! Marina, Stephan and Paulo also successfully overcame the second challenge, they managed to outwit the brown trout. Once again, Marina was the most successful with 52 cm beautiful brownie. During the activities on the Dolenjska green beauty, we also experienced a pleasant surprise — we were visited by the film crew of RTV Slovenia, led by Marjana Grčman — the host of the tourist show «Na lepše».

Tomorrow is definitely the peak of the FISH & FLY TRIO experience — a morning helicopter flight to the Hotel Zlata ribica near Idrijca and the last step towards fulfilling the final goal — fishing marble trout.

Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure

The first working day of the promotional tour of the Fish & Fly TRIO tourist experience is behind us. We took Marina and the Fly fishing nation team to the upper part of the Kolpa river in Osilnica. Main task was catching a grayling. The valley of the Kolpa river and the stunning nature did not leave them indifferent, especially at the end of the day, when we were happy to find that they all managed to overcome the first challenge.


So what is Green Adventure Fish & Fly Trio, that @marinagibson is here for, actually about? It is a  first-class fly fishing experience at 3 different fishing destinations with a “triple challenge”: to catch 3 indigenous fish species within 3 days; the grayling in Kolpa River, the brown trout in Krka River, and the marble trout in Soca River. In the winter, the fishermen will try to outwit the danube salmon (hucho hucho) — the king of Slovenian waters. As suggested by the name of the product, the guests also experience  a helicopter or airplane flight from one fishing destination to the other, provided by @Flycom Aviation. And of course, everything is combined with great accommodation, superb local culinary experiences and great fishing guides.

Tomorrow we have a new task ahead of us — to catch brown trout at the source of the river Krka. Marina won today, who will be tomorrow?





Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure Fish & FLy TRIO - Green Adventure

The Krka River (94 km) is the second longest entirely Slovenian river and the longest river in the Dolenjska region. It is among the richest rivers in Slovenia in terms of the diversity of fish species. As many as 52 species of fish live in it.

The Novo mesto fishing club carries out fisheries management of as many as 350 ha of water surface, while also providing for numerous activities in the field of conservation and protection of the natural environment. Fish breeding activities are the ones that provide the richness of fish in the Krka, as the Fishing Family invests as many as nine species of native fish, including brown trout, in fishing waters.

The fly fishing season on River Krka lasts from April to December. The life of the Krka River is rich in every aspect. The fish have a richly lined table all year long. The temperature of the water is relatively stable, so that the conditions for the life of the fish are always optimal. Flies, especially those with a dry fly, know this well.