Bela krajina Ethno Experience

Discover the Wonderful Bela Krajina in an authentic way

We invite you to a genuine ethno experience in Bela Krajina, where you’ll get to know life in this enchanting region.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through time, where history, culture and nature intertwine? We invite you to discover the secrets of the homestead in the magical Bela Krajina, in the immediate vicinity of the warmest Slovenian river – the Kolpa. Through interactive presentations, our experienced guides will show you the authenticity of Bela krajina’s heritage in a unique environment.

Bela Krajina, a region in the southeast of Slovenia, known for its white birches, folklore, traditional crafts, wine, and exquisite cuisine. We’ll take you to an open-air museum, where through a live performance, you’ll witness traditional homestead life from 200 years ago. You’ll explore the area along the Kolpa River, discover local crafts, and learn about folk traditions. You’ll taste authentic Belokranjska pogača (flatbread), indulge in a tasting of homemade meats and cheese. We’ll also provide a short workshop on traditional crafts, and you’ll take home the product you create. To top it off, you’ll have the opportunity to pose in traditional Bela Krajina folk costumes for timeless memories of this wonderful experience.

To truly experience Bela Krajina, we invite you to your journey on the calm waters of the Kolpa River, where you’ll relive the beautiful essence of this unique region through peaceful canoeing.

Welcome to Bela Krajina!

Bela krajina – Ethno experience

The offer includes

  • Open-air museum – tour and guide
  • Meat, cheese, wine
  • Photography in national costume
  • Aperitif
  • A practical gift

  • Duration of activity

    3 – 4h

  • Location

    River Kolpa, Adlešiči, Slovenija

  • Number of persons


  • Price

    from 70€ / person


Informative price calculation

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