Fly fishing on River Krka

The Krka River (94 km) is the second longest entirely Slovenian river and the longest river in the Dolenjska region. It is among the richest rivers in Slovenia in terms of the diversity of fish species. As many as 52 species of fish live in it.

The Novo mesto fishing club carries out fisheries management of as many as 350 ha of water surface, while also providing for numerous activities in the field of conservation and protection of the natural environment. Fish breeding activities are the ones that provide the richness of fish in the Krka, as the Fishing Family invests as many as nine species of native fish, including brown trout, in fishing waters.

The fly fishing season on River Krka lasts from April to December. The life of the Krka River is rich in every aspect. The fish have a richly lined table all year long. The temperature of the water is relatively stable, so that the conditions for the life of the fish are always optimal. Flies, especially those with a dry fly, know this well.

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